"May all beings everywhere, with whom we are inseparably interconnected, be fulfilled, awakened, and free"

Hi, I'm Carlie! I'm an artist from New Jersey. I live with my boyfriend, Tom, our two cats, Nixie and Lynx, and a betta fish named Magnus. I love all things expressive.. art, music, food, film, etc. I have always found enjoyment in the process of creating, whether it be through cake decorating, floral design, crochet, or good ol' fashioned paint and paintbrush. I love nature and camping, especially the beach or woods, and a good campfire, (and of course star-gazing). I'm very spiritual and love researching anything to do with metaphysics, the occult, philosophy, quantum physics, or astrology. If I'm not creating art, you can usually find me snuggling my cats, bonding with my vast collection of tarot or oracle cards, lighting candles, meditating, admiring my crystals, or reading books. I also enjoy binging various shows with my boyfriend and finding random recipes to cook with him (he's a great chef, even though he denies it). My goal is to create a little more happiness inspiration, positivity, or beauty in the world through my art. I hope you enjoy my shop! ~Carlie~
Creative soul, cat mom, nature lover, star-gazer, eternal student, free spirit, crystal hoarder, tarot enthusiast, foodie, and lover of all things cosmic, mystic, and mysterious.